How to become a CAM IAM RoadSmart Observer (IMI Accredited)


The Training Support Group (TSG) will call for members who have passed their advanced test to apply to be considered for local observer training.  This will be by e-mail to all members and inclusion in the news section on the website and then applications will be reviewed by the TSG.
To be considered the requirements are that a member should ordinarily be twelve months post their advanced test. They must be prepared to commit to approximately half a day of training every fortnight and where possible, attend Club Days and Observers meetings and be prepared to take an active role in other club activities (ride outs, social events and training days) as required from time to time.

Once applications have been received, prospective trainees should undergo assessments which will include a check ride demonstrating a level of skill, a knowledge test (Advanced Course Material, RoadCraft and Highway Code) and a test to demonstrate effective communication/listening skills. The assessment will establish whether the applicant has the necessary skill set to commence formal training with a National Observer. If any of these core skills need development they can request further, focused, one to one development, following which they can again re-apply and undertake the assessments. If they are then deemed to be at the required standard they will be allocated a National Observer to commence training.

Local Observers wishing to become a National Observer will undergo the same selection assessment but will be expected to demonstrate a ride and knowledge at a significantly higher level.

High Level Twice Yearly Procedure:

  • Chair of TSG emails invite for applications
  • TSG reviews applications
  • Associate Coordinator arranges an assessment day
  • TSG review assessment day reports
  • Associate Coordinator informs applicants of outcomes and assigns National Observer
  • Training commences.


December 2016