What a great Weekend.

A lot to read here- was 4 now 5 things-

  1. Congratulations to David M, who rides a rather large and very beautiful green and black and lots of chrome Indian, who passed his Advanced rider test on Saturday with a F1RST.
  2. Congratulations to Paul C, who passed his Advanced rider test today, 1/9/19, with a F1RST. 

So, two more better, safer, thinking riders on the road.

ps- that’s the last five passes being F1RSTS!

  • Congratulations to Adrian T, who has become our newest National Observer. 
  • Another excellent Open club day, 32 members and newbies, with an informative, thought provoking, engaging, often amusing, talk by Gary M. Lots of new faces too.
  • An enjoyable two days at Motorfest too- thanks to Gary P, Terry, Graham B, and Julie setting up; Conrad, Derek, and anyone forgotten who helped out too. Hopefully a couple of new members to sign up and good to talk with our friends at Blood Bikes next door.

A sincere thank you to-

All observers and those members who help this happen, and to

The examiners for their flexible, accommodating and supportive approach.

Good times!

New Observer in the system

A belated welcome to Jeremy Thomas- our latest new observer. He’s already got an associate allocated and is out and about. Two more coming through soon.

Another F1RST

Congratulations to Simon Dobson who passed his Advanced Riding Course test today (14th August) with a F1RST!

Yet another better, safer, thinking rider on the road.

Well done to Mark Tucker, his observer, too.

Another excellent Club Sunday

Once the late comers were counted in, 40 members, friends and possible new members enjoyed a talk from Pete O’Connell, Senior Trainer at Damerells, on the new in&motion airbag system. Pete expanded his talk to include back protection in general, types and advantages. Plenty of questions too and some interesting stories from members about their airbags going off and how injury/damage to themselves had been prevented.

The usual bacon sandwiches, (apologies when we runout apparently), refreshments , chat and banter.

Two new members too so welcome to George and Jim.


Congratulations to Kevin Pearce who passed his Advanced Riding Course test on Saturday with a F1RST!

Well done!

Another better, safer, thinking rider on the road.

Yet another F1RST

Big congratulations to Nik Petrovic who passed his ARC on the 26th July with a F1RST.

Thanks to Malcolm his observer too- well done both.

A reminder-

F1RST membership is attained by taking the advanced test for motorcycle and achieving a score of 1 in every* category.

* The Examiners have the discretion to recommend a candidate even if they score a ‘2’ in no more than three categories (however Legality and Slow Manoeuvring must score a ‘1’)

The annual CAM/PAM Bbq

Our turn to host this year- thanks to Bob, Chris and family once again. 21 riders/bikes met at old Cornwall services to ride up to Liskeard to meet the others- another ten or so bikes; a few with pillions too. Well organised ride with Bob and Roger as leads and myself and Alan as ‘tail-end-charlies’. A quick briefing- Bude for coffee, via Callington, Launceston then north. Coffee by the canel and then the A39 west to St Mawgan. Excellent food, excellent cakes and Cornish cream- hot in the sun too!

CAM necktubes

Now available-designed by Mark T and made especially for us.

£8 each and available at club days.

July Open Club Sunday

Open Club Sunday- Thanks to Simon Williams for a really good and entertaining talk on the thinking behind- ‘First Aid Specific to Bikers’.

A few demonstrations too- including how to take a helmet off. 37 members and visitors thoroughly enjoyed it.

Another Pass

Congratulations to Dave Edge who passed his ARC on Saturday. Well done to his observer Mark too.

Yet another success!