Holiday weekend

17 members, on 15 bikes, had an excellent holiday by the sea on 18/19th May. The sun shone, the rides were great and the company excellent.

Starting at Kingsley village we all went too Bude- we could find that. My idea (and wish) was that it would develop into a number of small group rides- riders seemed less keen.

The cafe by the lock was shut (owner illness I’ve found out since), but we still managed coffee, pasties and cake.

Thanks to Graham, who had his own route to suggest we now split up with the majority going to Cafe 35 at Bridge Motorcycles. Clive and Karen arrived as the rest of us were leaving Bude and did their own thing again, and a few did my route; but we all met at Princetown. Lovely ride across the moors. We arrived by the sea at about 3.20 and were still checking in when the long distance (Exeter) group arrived. Yep, we missed Ian waving at us as to where to park too. Many strolled into town. Then we met up in the bar for a happy evening and good food and a few drinks. No mishaps or illness this time; good breakfast, we all met at 9.30 and split up again. Clive was going back across the moors and most went with him; thanks to Clive for leading! A few went across two ferries and home. Julie followed Graham to GT motorcycles.

A really, really good weekend and a great venue with some good rides all around.

Seems we may do it again next year- so enjoyable.