We have lots of Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclist merchandise. Please see some examples below.


Baseball Cap

Branded Baseball Cap


Branded Polo-Shirt

Comes in Black or White

Roll Neck Top

Branded Roll Neck Top



CAM- Our Merchandise

View the catalogue in the link below, then order your own item, by phone or email, via the contacts in the catalogue.

Our logos are already registered with the company so ask for these and add them (additional cost)-

CAM logo- right breast area, IAM log- left breast area, our website- on sleeve.

* You can add your own name too.

On-line catalogue- click here 

Hi-Vis Vests

A number of us wear hi-vis vests and usually wear those from Urban-Glow. These can be purchased direct through the link below. Observers, for whom the club offers a discount, should purchase theirs through Tim Collins.

Urban-Glow- click here

IAM- Institute of Advanced Motorists

As a member of CAM, you are also a member of IAM and can buy their merchandise through the link below–