Potential Local Observer Candidates

The TSG has decided to call for potential local observer candidates.

Applicants must email Bob Griffin with the following information.

1. Their experience to date including the pass date of their advanced test.
2. Their record of participation in group events.
3. Why they want to be an observer.
4. What they expected to get out of being an observer.
5. Their ability to commit to at least one half day a fortnight.
6. Their commitment to attend a half day meeting to introduce them to training under the new IMI local observer assessment scheme which will be adopted for the next batch of trainees.

It is expected that they would have been an advanced rider for at least 12 months. The TSG would consider ALL applications at its next meeting in September 2014. Once applications are discussed we will contact the successful applicants with the name of the national observer who will carry out their assessment or notify the unsuccessful applicants with the reason why they were unsuccessful. Outcomes from the assessment would be either training to commence or some additional training needed and they reapply next time.
Please respond to my email address only.
Last date for applications 21st August 2014.

Bob Griffin ( chair TSG )