P – Petrol                               Fuel gauge or visual check (enough for the journey)

O – Oil                                    Engine oil (Use of sight glass)

                                                 Brake/clutch (Levels and colour)

W – Water                             Radiator water levels and check hoses

D – Damage/Drive               Visual check for signs of damage and loose panel/wires

                                                  Chain oiled and correct tension

                                                  Shaft oil level and damage

E – Electrics                           Front and rear lights, brake lights, number plate, brake,

                                                  Indicators/hazards, horn, ancillaries (heated grips,                          

                                                   windscreen) and rider aids

R – Rubber                             Tyres


                                                   Grips, pegs etc.

 S – Steering/Suspension     Free lock-to-lock movement and self-centring

                                                    Suspension correct set up

                                                    Fork seals – clean and no leaks

Finally conduct static and moving brake tests