As per current Handbook: updated 19/1/2018.

Roles and responsibilities of the Committee


  • To further the objectives of the local group
  • To encourage and assist drivers and / or riders to become members of IAM RoadSmart
  • To foster and maintain interest in IAM RoadSmart among members and to keep them informed by way of a periodic newsletter
  • To arrange road safety and other events which further the objects of the local group
  • To ensure no local group member derives pecuniary benefit from local group resources through their membership of the local group
  • The Group Committee must ensure all local group full members are current IAM RoadSmart Members and must exclude from local group membership any local group full member if their IAM RoadSmart membership has ceased
  • Generally to co-operate with the IAM RoadSmart Council and employees of IAM RoadSmart
  • To record and retain minutes of meetings of the Committee, AGMs and EGMs for a minimum of ten years.
  • To respect IAM RoadSmart’s copyright in its badge or logo
  • To use the IAM RoadSmart Badge and logo in Group literature in accordance with the brand guidelines set out for their use by IAM RoadSmart
  • To report any unauthorised use of the badge or logo to IAM RoadSmart and endeavour to prevent the badge or logo from being otherwise reproduced without the consent of the IAM RoadSmart Council
  • To endeavour to ensure the good name of IAM RoadSmart and the local group is maintained and is not brought into disrepute by the conduct of the local group or any group member