Terms of reference for the Training Support Group (TSG)

  • The TSG will be made up of a cross section of the group to fulfill key roles such as Chair, Associate Co-Ordinator, Club Sunday management and IMI single point of contact (SPOC) having at least 1 non observer member, one Local Observer, two National Observers and either of the Group Chair or Vice Chair. The TSG will have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 members.
  • The TSG membership and its chair will be appointed by the committee annually at the first meeting following the AGM. Following the appointment by the committee the TSG will review its visions and strategy, its terms of reference and membership of the committee or the forthcoming year to ensure it can deliver its obligations to the club and to IAM.
  • The main purpose of the TSG is to facilitate and oversee all training issues for Cornwall Advanced Motorcyclist (CAM). This relates to training for advanced, F1rst, Masters, Local and National Observer status, including any continuing rider development for full CAM members
  • Its main goals are:-
  1. To be, through the chair, the first point of contact on any training issue within its remit.
  2. To ensure a high standard of instruction is given.
  3. To monitor standards so that they are consistent across the group, taking corrective action as required in line with IAM Roadsmart.
  4. To effectively manage complaints in relation to training.
  5. To provide a continued rider development program for CAM members.
  6. To select using agreed criteria, candidates to train as Local and National Observer in line with IMI standards.
  7. To ensure that there is communication with observers, primarily using regular observer meetings but also using email where appropriate between meetings.
  • The TSG will be empowered to act within its specific area but will be accountable for its actions to the Committee and through the chair required to report to the committee at each committee meeting. The TSG committee will;-
  • Meet at least five times per year (quorum being at least three).
  • Co-ordinate and host an Observers forum at least three times per year.
  • Publish its calendar of meetings for the year and any training courses as appropriate.
  • Distribute minutes of meetings to all TSG members, provide reports to the Group Committee and present a synopsis of the TSG activities and key messages to the Observer Forum.

Graham Barnett
Chair of TSG
November 2017