What a great Weekend.

A lot to read here- was 4 now 5 things-

  1. Congratulations to David M, who rides a rather large and very beautiful green and black and lots of chrome Indian, who passed his Advanced rider test on Saturday with a F1RST.
  2. Congratulations to Paul C, who passed his Advanced rider test today, 1/9/19, with a F1RST. 

So, two more better, safer, thinking riders on the road.

ps- that’s the last five passes being F1RSTS!

  • Congratulations to Adrian T, who has become our newest National Observer. 
  • Another excellent Open club day, 32 members and newbies, with an informative, thought provoking, engaging, often amusing, talk by Gary M. Lots of new faces too.
  • An enjoyable two days at Motorfest too- thanks to Gary P, Terry, Graham B, and Julie setting up; Conrad, Derek, and anyone forgotten who helped out too. Hopefully a couple of new members to sign up and good to talk with our friends at Blood Bikes next door.

A sincere thank you to-

All observers and those members who help this happen, and to

The examiners for their flexible, accommodating and supportive approach.

Good times!