There are two ways of passing the advanced test-

  1. The most common one is by taking a test after sufficient training with one of our observers. Sufficient training means that you are competent in all aspects of riding. We usually carry out what we call a check ride by another observer and if this is thought to be up to the standard required then the observer will arrange for the test to be set up: sometimes, as a result of the check ride further training runs are recommended before test entry.
  2. For those who do not like tests or being watched whilst riding we are part of an IAM pilot- the Member Portfolio Sign Off (MPSO) pilot scheme. This scheme was set up to facilitate the training and award of Advanced Rider status to those associates who, for whatever reason, wanted to undertake training but not take a test. This scheme recognises those people and through the use of their run sheets as a record of their development and achievement the IAM can award full member status to an associate, the only limitation being that they cannot through this approach be awarded a F1RST.

The associate engagement from the minute they sign up is no different; they are contacted by their Observer and then undertake training runs in exactly the same way as one seeking to take a test.

However, under the pilot each run sheet is submitted to CAM Training Support Group (TSG) for review and collation prior to submitting to IAM HQ. Once the allocated Observer assess the associate to be riding to an advanced standard on a consistent basis, they are then required to complete two further runs to validate their assessment and then submit these to the TSG with a recommendation for award of Full Membership as an IAM Advanced Rider. IAM HQ would undertake a review of all the run sheets to ensure development has been evidenced and that all the run sheets had been completed in accordance with the standards expected. If IAM HQ are satisfied they would endorse our recommendation and make the award.